Welcome to the Corporate Site of the GF Group

GF Group comprises the following main entities:

G-Finance Our specialist financial department. As well as being a lender in the unsecured personal and short term loan market G-Finance specialises in providing, locating and obtaining credit, financial and retail services from other providers matched to specific client criteria and profiles.

Our own product offerings are serviced from our state of the art UK call centre which we also provide for outsourcing to other companies saving them huge amounts in set up costs.

AffiliateResults is our affiliate network which not only manages our affiliations with financial, retail, gaming and telecoms/mobile phones companies but also manages our growing affiliate base for our own products too.

LeadSellers is our lead handling entity. It provides only in-house generated custom leads delivered live or packaged to the exact criteria of our clients. Only leads specifically approved for passing on to third parties by the applicant are handled ensuring excellent quality, high converting leads.

And now introducing....

TextMo.net is our new Bulk SMS text messaging platform. A premium UK route SMS text messaging service that caters for small, medium and large organisations from single text message sends to batch sends of hundreds of thousands of recipients.